Stress: The enemy of your mind and body


The Healing Power of Mood

There is no greater enemy to your physical health than the effects of negative emotions caused by high stress or emotional traumas. Persistent stress is known to interfere with digestion, alter brain chemistry, create hormonal imbalances, increase heart rate, raise blood pressure, and negatively affect both metabolic and immune function. Fortunately, there are natural tools available to help us let go of our troubling emotions.

A Stressed Mind, a Weakened Body

While persistent stress can seriously affect one’s quality of life and lead to major diseases, it is also an underlying factor in the everyday miseries of headache, digestive disorders, fatigue, irritable bladder, impotence, insomnia, and simple aches and pains.

What Can We Do to Help Relieve Our Everyday Stresses?

At certain times negative emotions such as anxiety, tension, frustration, feeling overwhelmed, grief, or the blues can affect us all. The norm in traditional medicine is to have our doctors prescribe anti-depressants to cope with these emotions. These pharmaceutical drugs often have very serious negative side effects.

To provide you safe, effective alternatives, Liddell has developed five homeopathic oral sprays that work without any negative side effects.

The products have been specifically formulated to calm our nerves, alleviate frustration and ease us into good sleep. They may not change the outside pressures that are troubling us, but they can safely help us let go of the resulting negative emotions.

Additional ways to prevent your normal feelings of anxiety and tension from going too far are:

  • Identify situations that make you anxious, consider actions that will lessen the threat, and try them out (for example, attend childbirth preparation classes to deal with the stress of labor and delivery; eliminate or reduce caffeine intake if nervousness alone is the problem).
  • A healthy lifestyle that includes exercise, adequate rest and good nutrition can help to reduce the impact of the effects of anxiety.
  • Avoid potentially dangerous ways of coping with anxiety – smoking, alcohol, drug dependence, overeating, under eating.
  • Express your feelings to someone you trust and can talk with comfortably; this unburdening of feelings often leads to a relief of anxious feelings.
  • Try relaxation techniques or meditation – yoga or stress reduction classes, for example.
  • Try jogging, swimming, or any aerobic exercise.
  • Avoid unnecessary stress by eliminating as many nonessential activities as possible from your daily routine.

If your anxiety persists or becomes chronic, seek out a competent mental health professional; you can ask for help or a referral from your primary health care professional, a community mental health center, a mental health association, or your local health department.

The information provided above is for educational purposes only and should not be relied on as a substitute for consultation with a healthcare professional. If you are concerned about a specific health condition, consult your physician or other healthcare professional.


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