You’ve lost that lovin’ feelin’?

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Have you lost that ‘lovin’ feelin’” in your relationship?  Are you looking for ways to rekindle the magic you once had?  Sorry to break it to you, but that may be impossible.   That euphoric feeling you first had when you met the love of your life was triggered in part by a brain chemical called Phenylethylamine (PEA).  Don’t misunderstand, you were head over heels, but the effects of PEA helped to make everything that much more potent and urgent.   Later when PEA levels drop off, as they always do after awhile, that old spark you used to feel seems a bit faded when the day to day rhythms of life take over.   Years go by, and you settle into a routine where romance may have become the last thing on the agenda.

That isn’t to say that you can’t ever feel passionate again with your partner, but don’t seek out ways to connect with an eye towards the past.  Trying to recreate the same unique feelings may prove frustrating if not impossible, after all you aren’t the same person you were back then and neither are they.  Instead, try connecting with an eye to the future, looking forward to new possibilities to be explored, together.

Have you tried raising your Oxytocin levels?

It may seem a bit clichéd but physical contact, even non sexual contact, helps bond people more strongly to one another.  Why?  Touching, eye contact, and other physical gestures give you a boost of Oxytocin.   This chemical is called the love hormone, because facilitates trust and relaxation.

Another way to give you and your partner a boost of Oxytocin is by initiating romantic interludes at unexpected times.   In other words, the next time you find you both have a free moment, jump on that opportunity both literally and figuratively.

Finally, another great way to boost Oxytocin levels is by creating opportunities for shared experiences or challenges.   When faced with problems or new scenarios our brains churn out higher levels of Oxytocin.   This is especially true in situations that are slightly scary, for instance a roller coaster ride or other adrenaline producing experiences.  But it can even be as simple as taking a cooking class together.

Of course, sometimes you may discover you need a little extra nudge in the right direction beyond a simple influx of Oxytocin.   Life can be stressful and stress is definitely a libido killer.  That is when you need to reach for Vitàl Female Sexual Energy or Vitàl Male Sexual Energy.   These two doctor formulated oral sprays may be just what you need to kick start your stalled libido.   They contain powerful homeopathic ingredients to help you nurture those romantic feelings.



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