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Many men and women have already experienced the amazing effects of the VITÀL line!

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Symptom Relief • Immune System Support • Detoxification and Metabolic Support


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Along with your bandages, antiseptics, and cold packs, you’ll be glad to have these homeopathic products in your medicine cabinet!

Letting Go®

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Composed of all natural ingredients, LETTING GO remedies are formulated by our homeopathic doctor.


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For safe, effective relief, Liddell Laboratories has introduced a series of homeopathic DETOX medicines.

Liddell Laboratories Homeopathic Natural Remedies

About Liddell Healthy Alternative Products

Homeopathic Remedies

Liddell is proudly employee-owned.

Here at Liddell Laboratories, we have a passion for creating change. We were established in 1994 after our co-founder, Barbara, recovered from leukemia. The use of holistic remedies proved to be the key to her recovery. Astonished with joy at the results of natural remedies, Barbara and her husband Randy decided to share the power of natural formulas with the world.

Our goal has always been to empower people with healthy alternatives to the toxic effects of pharmaceutical drugs. Through our homeopathic natural remedies, we give people natural and healthy formulas to help them better control their health and wellness.

We have acted on that mission by creating a complete line of natural remedies. These are based on Neohomeopathy, which provides four key therapeutic benefits:

• Immune system support
• Rapid symptom relief
• Detoxification
• Metabolic balance

Liddell Laboratories natural formulas are manufactured by FDA Registered Drug Manufacturer Apotheca, Inc., Grato HoldingsTM. Our most well-known natural remedy is our oral spray delivery method for our liquid homeopathy product, Neohomeopathy. This spray allows our Neohomeopathy products to be easily delivered for quick symptom relief. Neohomeopathy is not the same as typical holistic remedies. Because of the unique benefits of Neohomeopathy, it can be used as a healthy alternative to traditional medicine for a number of conditions, including allergies, anxiety, chronic pain and more. It also has anti-aging properties, as well.

Another of our best-selling products is our natural anti-aging product, Vitàl Age Defiance®. This tonic is designed to improve sleep and restore youthful energy. This natural remedy is doctor formulated and does not have any side effects. As it is all-natural, Vitàl Age Defiance® is easily absorbed by the body.

Liddell’s Neohomeopathy® has redefined the concept of homeopathy. We provide fast-acting holistic remedies that help you achieve relief by providing metabolic support, symptom relief, detoxification and immune system support.

For more information about our natural remedies and healthy alternatives to traditional prescription medications, contact Liddell Laboratories today at 800.460.7733. We would be more than happy to share our knowledge with you about how our homeopathic natural remedies can change your life without the serious side effects of today’s medications.


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Grato Holdings™ is a family of companies that manufacture and market over-the-counter remedies to customers and professional healthcare providers. Proudly employee-owned, we offer homeopathic remedies, dietary supplements, and herbal tinctures.

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