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“Quality at the Source” is a phrase we use at Liddell Laboratories when we discuss how to consistently ensure we make the highest quality products.   In retrospect, maybe we should really be saying quality at every ‘tiny step’ in the process. There are a lot of steps to making a homeopathic remedy and we make sure every one of them is done in an exacting and reproducible way.

One of my duties here at Liddell Laboratories is assuring we start out with the right formula. This includes staying up to date with the frequent changes to the Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States (HPUS).  HPUS is the organization that determines the manufacturing standards as well as allowable potencies for individual homeopathic remedies and over-the-counter homeopathic drug products.

From the formula, we create a batch record, which is the “recipe” our production specialists follow when making products for you. Double checking is the name of the game for batch records. After a Liddell batch record is created, I review it to make sure there are no errors. Likewise, our production team double checks each other’s work to guarantee the right ingredients and quantities are used, and to make sure cleaning and sanitizing protocols are followed.

After we have the finalized recipe, we acquire the raw materials necessary to make the product from trusted vendors who have also been scrutinized for their quality control standards. Once the ingredients arrive at our facility, we do our own double check by sending a sample of all incoming materials to our in house lab to test that what we received is the right ingredient, and we also check for any traces of contamination or other undesirable elements.

After our product has been manufactured, we still require final testing to make sure that it meets our finished product specifications.   Only after the product has passed these final tests is it ready for you, the consumer.

In addition to our own rigorous internal testing procedures, our facilities are regularly audited by the Food and Drug Administration to assure that we are doing everything according to government standards.  And, we have taken the extra step seeking out additional third party certification from Intertek and UL. Yes, UL, the same organization that helps ensure the safety of your electrical devices!  UL certification means we meet stringent standards for the safety and quality for over-the-counter homeopathic products.

All of this is a lot of work, but it is worth it to ensure that we consistently bring you the high quality product you expect every time.   The products you purchase today will have the same quality standards go into them a year from now, 10 years from now and beyond.   It is our commitment to provide the best homeopathics in the industry, and we take pride in that.


Dr. Laurell

Dr. Laurell Matthews, ND has a bachelor’s in biochemistry and received her doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University.


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