7 ways to shake your funk

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In a funk?  Moody?  Despondent? Brooding?  I’d be lying if I said that down in the mouth feeling hasn’t happened to everyone at some point, but just because it’s a universally human feeling doesn’t make it any more pleasant.

So what can be done?  For starters, you should look to some of the Liddell™ products in the Letting Go line.  They can potentially jump-start the process of getting back to normal for you, I urge you to check them out.  You can always contact us with any questions, or to see which would be the right fit.   But in addition to that, I have some other suggestions to try for uplifting mood that perhaps you haven’t considered.  And no, I’m not going to suggest the same tired solutions you’ve already heard like getting out into sunshine, counting your blessings, exercise, or surrounding yourself with friends.   It’s all good advice for sure, but you already know about those and are probably looking for a fresh approach.

  1. CARTOON VOICE.   It may sound strange but if you swap your personal inner voice that narrates to you inside your head to a cartoon character, you may find your mood lifting.   So for instance, if you are replaying that awkward presentation that you did over and over in your head, try changing your voice to Porky Pig.  It may seem ridiculous, but that is the idea.   To loosen the hold that repetitive negative thoughts can have.
  2. LISTEN TO SOME MUSIC.  Some studies have been done that show listening to music can enhance mood.   Of course the type of music you listen to has an effect, so please – no sad country songs about broken hearts or death metal!
  3. SMELL THE SMELLS.  Have you ever used essential oil?  Try inhaling the scent from a citrus type oil, like orange.   If you don’t have any essential oils, even smelling a real orange might be just the thing you need.
  4. INDULGE.  Eat some chocolate.  This one is probably too obvious for this list!  I think by now we have all heard that chocolate can enhance mood.  But I include this one because I love chocolate, and I don’t even need to be in a bad mood to eat it.  I’d like to think that eating chocolate regularly prevents depression.  That is (I am pretty sure) a fantasy I have made up to justify my chocoholic nature.
  5. GET IT ON.  It’s true, sex is good for mood (and a bunch of other things).  The release obtained from orgasm has a calming effect which may be just what you need to get over the bad mood.  And just to be completely clear; it doesn’t matter if you have a partner or not, solo orgasm works just as well.
  6. ROLL WITH IT.  Ask yourself, what would my body love to do right now?  And (within reason) do it.   Want to smash a dozen eggs on your kitchen floor?  Maybe you want to throw something at the wall?  How about get in your car and scream?  These are all things you can physically do that will help blow off steam, and chances are even if you don’t feel 100% better afterwards, you will feel better.
  7. FENG SHUI ANYONE? Ok, not many of us are well versed in the Chinese system of arranging objects in relation to energy flow – but we CAN rearrange our living rooms or bedrooms.  Even rearrange the items on your desk at work.  A little change up of your normal spaces can make for an uplift in mood.

Give one or two (or all) of these suggestions a try and watch your mood improve.   And, as I mentioned before, if you think you need a little extra boost in the right direction, there is always our Letting Go line of products that may be able to provide further assistance.

Jana Taylor Staff Writer Jana Taylor is a staff writer for Liddell Laboratories.

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