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How important is this issue?

You and your children have the right to be healthy. Deciding to vaccinate or not vaccinate our children is one of the most difficult decisions we face as parents. Government-recommended vaccines are meant to protect us from dangerous diseases. But, it is known that some of us, especially our children, may experience side effects from vaccinations. Liddell® believes that Vaccines Detox provides a valuable tool that may help protect us and our children from the ill effects of recent or dormant vaccines.

What is Vaccines Detox?

A modern homeopathic remedy provided by Liddell Laboratories that may temporarily relieve symptoms and lessen the ill effects of oral or injected vaccines. The product is formulated by a homeopathic doctor and is an easy-to-take oral spray.

How does Vaccines Detox work?

Vaccines Detox is a combination of low-potency and high-potency remedies. The low-potency remedies may help provide symptomatic relief while the high-potency remedies may work at a deeper level to lessen the ill effects—not the therapeutic effects—of recent or past vaccinations.

  • Arnica montana 3X may temporarily relieve the bruising, soreness and swelling of recent vaccinations. It also may allay nervousness, low spirits and restless sleep.
  • Urtica urens 3X may temporarily relieve hives, skin blotches and violent itching. It may also stimulate the spleen and support effective elimination.
  • Mercurius corrosivus 200C may help detoxify the body from exposure to mercury.
  • Sulphur iodatum 200C may temporarily relieve headache and redness of the skin.
  • Thuja occidentalis 200C is traditionally used to temporarily relieve the ill effects of vaccines, such as feelings of weakness and pain in the limbs.

How to take Vaccines Detox

Adults and children over 12 should take 15 drops under the tongue three times per day or, if preferred, administer into an ounce of water or juice and drink.

For recent vaccinations, we recommend daily use for two weeks.   For older vaccinations, use daily for one month.  But do be sure to consult your healthcare provider when administering to children under 12.

Is Vaccines Detox safe for children of all ages?

Homeopathic medicines are generally safe for children.  No negative side effects, drug interactions or contraindications are known.

Due to the dilute nature of properly manufactured homeopathic products they are considered to be safe, with no known drug interactions. Liddell Laboratories uses an FDA-registered manufacturing facility to manufacture their products.

Jana Taylor Staff Writer Jana Taylor is a staff writer for Liddell Laboratories.

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